The Earley Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG)

The Earley Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) is a group made up of local residents, volunteers, councillors, businesses and institutions, working closely with the police, for the well being of our community.

Monday, 23 November 2020

Agenda for NAG (Community Forum) meeting 30 November 2020


7.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Via Zoom, please contact the Chair Jim Willis for log in details

  1. Apologies for absence:
  2. Minutes from previous meeting 19 October 2020:
  3. Matters arising:
  4. Update from Neighbourhood Policing Team: Police Priorities
    1)         Road safety & speeding
    2)         Burglary
    3)         Anti-social behaviour
  5. Maiden Place Youth Shelter
  6. Fly tipping and damage to cycle path fencing
  7. Laurel Park Football Club Goal Posts - damage

Any other business: Lockdown restrictions and control;

As the meeting is on Zoom if you would like to speak please raise your hand electronically, otherwise please try and stay muted until such time you wish to speak.  After speaking please go back to muted.  This will enable the smooth running of the meeting.

NB:     If you have any items that you would like to add to ‘Any other business’ please email on by 3 pm Friday 27 November 2020 for inclusion. 

Also if you no longer wish to be on the Earley Neighbourhood Action Group (Community Forum) mailing list at any time please email and we will remove your email address.